That Fateful Kindergarten Day

May 10, 2013 § 2 Comments

Little girls{Photo of me holding an old picture of my sister and I when we were little.  Taken by my sister at Chaucee Stillman Photography}

Day 10 of the challenge: Most embarrassing moment. Spill.  It all goes back to that fateful day in kindergarten.  I can remember it vividly…

First let me back up and say that I was a hyper-sensitive child.  Everything needed to be perfect.  If heaven forbid my socks had wrinkles in my shoes, I would make my mom take my shoes off and put them back on, making sure my socks were as smooth as butter.  Also, before I knew how to tell time, I would get anxious that we were going to be late to school…even though it was still breakfast time and I didn’t have kindergarten till the afternoon (one time I thought I was late so I began crying hysterically only to find out that we arrived at kindergarten so early that I wasn’t allowed to come in yet).  I was a troubled child.

So of course my first memory of ever being embarrassed happened at age 6.  I was sitting in my kindergarten classroom and I by accident let one loose.  And it was loud.  I mean LOUD.  I was beyond horrified.  Then, to make matters worse the class bully interrupted my teacher and immediately started questioning loudly, “Who DID that?”.  The bully then began grilling other students, demanding to know who did it.  Every kid quietly replied that it was not them.  I tried looking everywhere else but at the bully; however, he managed to catch my eye.  And then he asked the dreaded question, “Did YOU do that?”  I was feeling hot in the face, everyone was looking at me…so what could I possible do but quickly reply in an are you serious kind of tone, “No”.

I lied.  I straight up lied to his face, I was so embarrassed.  I wanted to save face in front of all my little friends!  Thank goodness right after that the teacher finally got the classroom under control.

What a laughable memory now.


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