A Day in the Life

May 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

Day 15 of the challenge: Today is a day in the life…include photos from throughout your typical day.  If I were to blog about today, I wouldn’t have it done till late tonight, so I decided to show you what my day looked like yesterday.  Let’s get started.

IMG_5679 IMG_5681

Lately I have been job interviewing, so last night I got my notebooks ready and wrote out driving directions so that I didn’t get lost going to the interview (which has happened in the past!).  In the morning I made fresh coffee, which I sipped on my way to the interview.


Even though the morning traffic was crazy, I had a beautiful drive up to Denver.  Don’t worry, I didn’t take this while driving!  I took this one day when James was driving. IMG_5683 IMG_5688

When I came home I got changed into a cooler outfit, as it was so hot outside again!  I couldn’t stay in my dress pants in this heat.  Once comfy, I had the privilege of talking to my momma on the phone.  I would say we usually keep in touch once a week, if not a few times.  And if it’s not my mom, I’ll be talking to my dad.


I did not sleep well last night, which, sadly, is typical for me.  I go through ebbs and flows of restless sleeping.  I either have trouble falling asleep or wake up numerous times a night.  I think I woke up at least 6 times last night.  Needless to say, I was tired by lunch time.  So I laid down for a power nap and woke up an hour later feeling refreshed.

IMG_5696 IMG_5700

Since it’s been nice out lately, I love joining our plants by taking a book out on the deck and reading in the sun.  This time I took quite a few!  I haven’t read my Bible lately, so I was craving Scripture.  So I spent time with God before I read anything else.  It’s important that I get my priorities back in line.


Dinner is always a fun experiment.  As my brother noticed, I tend to try new recipes 98% of the time and rarely remake recipes.  I want to build up my recipe book for times when I’m tired or when I have a busy schedule and need to cook something quick that I know.  We always rate the recipes, and we toss all recipes that earn a C rating or lower.  Only B’s and A’s make it in!  We are tough foodies.  This one didn’t make the cut sadly.


Our nights usually consist of pursuing the internet, James playing Fifa Soccer on the Xbox while I blog, and ending with us watching a show together to relax.  Currently we are sucked into Once Upon A Time and The Voice.  We are behind in The Voice, so no spoilers!  Tonight we watched the season finale of Once Upon A Time and cannot wait till the next season starts this fall.

IMG_5465 IMG_5455

For the last few days we have enjoyed the evening shows in the sky as the night winds down.  Even the rain clouds in the sky are beautiful with the sun setting.  Hopefully we will have another beautiful sunset tonight!

While my day wasn’t too eventful, it was just what I needed.  I hope your day is wonderful!


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