Sunshine Rain

May 22, 2013 § Leave a comment


The other week we went to the University of Denver to see their lacrosse team play their first game in the playoffs (which they won!!).  The seats sold out within the first hour of openning, so we had to sit in the grass, but I quite enjoyed it!  We were able to spread out on our blanket instead of having to sit rigidly in the stands.  My back always aches after sitting on cold stadium stands where knees keep jabbing into your back and people’s stinky breath end up in your face when they yell.  Yes, I think I prefer the grass and the ability to stretch out.  Plus, it’s kind of like a picnic with a show!

When we arrived it was raining pretty hard.  But it didn’t stop the DU fans.  People kept filing in, letting the rain hit their backs.  It’s probably because we all know by now that rain comes and goes in a blink of an eye, and that before we we know it the sun would be back out again.  Though I must say, I did have my doubts.  But sure enough, the rain disappeared and the day turned out to be quite warm.  So warm that I had to take all my layers off and roll up my pants.  The day turned out to be mighty fine if you ask me.

IMG_5505 IMG_5504 IMG_5500 IMG_5498 IMG_5507 IMG_5533 IMG_5516 IMG_5550


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