Hawaii Getaway Part 2

June 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

I missed taking pictures of our flying into the Big Island, so I was determined to take some when we hopped islands to Kauai. Between James and I, I think we got some neat pictures of the clouds.  These pictures may be boring to you, but there is just something about capturing the puffy cotton balls in the sky.

IMG_6409 IMG_6425 IMG_6427 IMG_6432 IMG_6435{First view of Oahu in the distance!}


We had a quick layover in Honolulu, and when we took off for Kauai we flew right past Pearl Harbor.  Last year James and I had the opportunity to visit it, and we loved exploring everything.  But it was neat to see it from the air this time around.

IMG_6455 IMG_6491

It was neat to see the clouds hovering over Kauai’s mountains.  I couldn’t stop looking at their jagged beauty.  Take a look at the picture below.  Isn’t it crazy that you can see the other side of the island?

IMG_6505 IMG_6509

Thus concludes part 2.  If these clouds bored you don’t worry, as last but not least, Part 3 will be filled with all sorts of pictures about our Kauai adventures.  Kauai was by far my favorite island of the two, and I cannot wait to show you it’s beauty!

**To see the first part of our trip, check it out here.


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