Hawaii Getaway Part 3

July 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Kauai is such a beautiful island and is where all the locals go to vacation. It’s not as populated, so there is a lot of nature that is untouched. James and I went there for our honeymoon last summer (and were supposedly on a second honeymoon *see below!), and so when we went around the island memories were brought up.  It was fun reminiscing about our trip, and it was fun to add to those memories with our family this year.
IMG_6528IMG_6532We explored Waimea Canyon, and yet again it was beautiful!  This time around James and I did not have to push and shove through the waves of people to see it; We had the whole canyon to ourselves for awhile.  Right before we left a rainbow popped out of a rain cloud for us all the see.  And of course everyone oohed and ahhed.    IMG_6570 IMG_6599 IMG_6609
I loved seeing the green everywhere! Everything was so alive. Every day turned out to be a lovely day, despite the rainy forecast.
This picture turned out blurry, but I just love it! Every time I look at it I smile. We met this “man” as we were exploring the stores of a local town nearby.
IMG_6620 IMG_6677 IMG_6641 IMG_6665 IMG_6668
One day we were taught how to surf by two amazing instructors. I got up on my first try and it was fun! I enjoyed learning how to stand up on a board and ride the wave in. This was a success for me, as I cannot ride a skateboard or long-board for the life of me! One time I was trying to longboard in a parking lot when I was in college, and I was maybe going 1mph uphill, and I wiped out, skinning my hands. Let’s say I will never get back on one again. Never. IMG_0473 IMG_0485 IMG_0468
After our first dinner in Kauai, James and I went back to our room and found a bottle of Champagne and a letter congratulating us on our honeymoon. Who knows what happened, but why not celebrate a second honeymoon? One of the perks was that we were able to get a free cabana for a day. So on the last day we did just that, reading under the shade, as our poor shoulders could not bare to see anymore sun.
IMG_6719 IMG_6754
One of the last days my dad, my sister Annaliese, and I went snorkeling. I have always wanted to snorkel, so I was excited to go. We took fish food with us, and let a little bit out of the bag at a time and watched the beautiful fish swarm around us. All of a sudden I felt something touching my hand. I looked down and a HUGE fish was nibbling at my hand, trying to get the food! I screamed and started kicking and splashing wildly, my sister started screaming, and my dad just laughed. I ended up throwing the food as far away from me as possible. I just wanted to be an innocent bystander, not a meal!
The last day we weren’t flying out till around 10pm, so we headed up to the North Shore to see a lighthouse. It was really neat to see, and the breeze felt good, cutting through the humidity. Then half my family flew out around five, leaving three of us behind for the later flight. Instead of sitting around, we ended our day walking through the town of Kapa’a, exploring all the shops.
IMG_6779 IMG_6794 IMG_6810 IMG_0544 IMG_0438

Our flight home was definitely an adventure…Our flight was delayed till midnight. But when we checked in, James and I were rushed and put on an earlier flight and Bryce got left behind to leave at 1am. I felt terrible leaving him behind, but we all eventually made it home safe and sound. What a fun and quick trip. I’m glad James and I were able to make it!

**If you want to check out the first two parts of our trip, you can find them here and here.


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