Wedding Week: Our Look

July 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

This Sunday is our 1st anniversary!  So in celebration I would love to do a wedding week recap, and share some of our wonderful (and at times stressful) memories of the week leading up to the wedding with friends and family, and of course our beautiful wedding day.

BrealynJames-0140We didn’t want to see each other beforehand, so we held hands around the corner of the building.  The guys tried to steal him from me, but look how strong I am!

Every day I’ll share a different aspect of our wedding, starting with Our Look.  Originally James and I were thinking of having a winter wedding in December, but one month into our engagement we thought, why wait?  If we waited I would be living in Lancaster, James would be in Bucks County finishing up school, and so we would never see each other.  So one day we sat in a park on a bench and excitingly decided to get married in the summer and randomly picked a date in July that would allow for us to go on a nice long honeymoon and still get me back in time for my friend’s wedding.  July 28th was now set in stone, but I only had 3 months to not only plan a wedding, but plan it as a destination wedding in Jackson, Wyoming where James grew up.

First things first, I had to find a wedding dress that would fit me perfectly, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to get one altered.  So my mom, two of my sisters, and I went out to find the dress.  We stopped at Sposabella where I tried on dress after dress after dress.  I thought I wanted a lace dress, as I loved the simple beauty, but none of the ones I tried on worked.  My mom and one of my sisters wanted to see me in a more fitted one, and when I tried it on, my family instantly thought it was the one and that is was “so me”.  I felt pretty in it but I kept asking if they thought it could be the one, as I was overwhelmed and couldn’t make a decision (I am very indecisive!).  The final test was to see if there was one in my size.  We crossed our fingers as they called the designer in Spain, and would you know, the designer had one made and it was the right size!  All I had to do was say yes, and they shipped it to me.  It fit like a glove!  So in one stop and only 2 hours later, I found the dress!

BrealynJames-0007 BrealynJames-0012 BrealynJames-0018The week of the wedding my family and I flew out to Jackson, rented a property that had a large log house and 5 cabins on it so that friends and family flying out could stay with us, and wrapped up last minute details.  One of my favorite memories happened when the whole bridal party and both families floated down the Snake River a few days before the wedding.  We jumped off a cliff into the water and just laughed and had fun together as one big group. BrealynJames-0027I did my own beauty look, because after getting my hair and make-up done professionally, I realized that I could mimic the exact look on my own and be happy with it.  I am blessed to have curls, as they are so easy to work with, and in 15 minutes I can have a great updo.  After trying on a few different types of fake eyelashes, I decided to go more natural with my make-up, letting my inner beauty shine rather than caking on makeup that I would most likely be sweating off later. BrealynJames-0031 BrealynJames-0033 BrealynJames-0038 BrealynJames-0040 BrealynJames-0051 BrealynJames-0047 BrealynJames-0068 BrealynJames-0070 BrealynJames-0078The day of I was really calm and relaxed.  I got ready in the log house with all my bridesmaids, and took some pictures in the fields before we headed out.  The guys got ready in a sectioned off part of the same house so that our photographer could photograph them getting ready too.  They finished early, of course, so they went down to the Snake River and fished to pass by some time. BrealynJames-0100 BrealynJames-0121BrealynJames-0133 BrealynJames-0111 BrealynJames-0102In the afternoon we headed to the wedding location, which was on a ranch in the Elk Refuge.  I feel blessed to have been married there, as the Elk Refuge is off limits to people, but because it was a family friend’s ranch we were able to get married there with the mountains surrounding us.  Driving up to the location I was excited and was laying down in the car so that my dress would stay nice and not get wrinkled.  I ran into the “getting ready tent” where I was greeted by all the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  The day was becoming more real.  Right before I left the tent to walk to my future husband I stated shaking because I was nervous and excited.  My dad turned to me and sweetly said, “You have nothing to be nervous about.  He is a great man.”


Next up – Wedding Week: The Ceremony


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