Wedding Week: The Reception

July 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

After the ceremony, guests either went to our photo-booth and took pictures or they moved into the tent where there were some colored jellybeans on the table and a coffee bar for people to enjoy as we took pictures.

BrealynJames-0301BrealynJames-0302 BrealynJames-0329We ended up going with a buffet style dinner, as we wanted to keep people up and moving around.  James and I quick grabbed a few bites to eat, and then we went around from table to table saying hello and thanking people for coming.  We enjoyed chatting with everyone! BrealynJames-0331 BrealynJames-0337 BrealynJames-0339 BrealynJames-0359 BrealynJames-0382I am not much of a dancer, let alone dancing in front of public, but people kept telling us that we had to have a first dance or we would regret it.  So we decided to go ahead with a first dance, but only that.  No father daughter dancing, no mother son dancing.  Just a simple first dance to the song “Boat Song” by JJ Heller.  If you haven’t heard it, listen to it!  It is beautiful.  We wanted a unique song that no one else would have, so we danced to this, and sure enough, everyone was right!  I would have regretted not having a first dance, as when we started dancing it was just James and I together, and we both sang it softly to each other with tears in our eyes.  Now whenever we hear that song it brings tears to my eyes and brings me back to that moment. BrealynJames-0380 BrealynJames-0381 BrealynJames-0387As we were walking back to our table after the dance, the head singer of the band got on the microphone and said, “Now for the father daughter dance!”  I looked around in shock and didn’t know what to do!  I guess there was no turning back now.  So my dad and I danced together, having a special moment, to a song I don’t remember, since I didn’t plan it.  But it was a great spur of the moment surprise.  In the middle of the song, James came on the floor with his mother and the bridal party came as well.  James then stepped in and we finished the song dancing together. BrealynJames-0395 BrealynJames-0406BrealynJames-0399    We had promised not to shove cake in each other’s faces, as I didn’t want my make-up messed up, but secretly I wasn’t going to keep that promise.  And I got him good!  He was so surprised and taken aback, and I loved every moment of it. BrealynJames-0486While dancing continued on, we slipped outside where we were met with a double rainbow over our field.  We felt blessed to not only have two rainbows on our wedding day, but we also had one the day before at the end of our rehearsal.  It was spectacular.  We also took some beautiful sunset pictures before stepping back inside to dance some more. BrealynJames-0495 BrealynJames-0514 BrealynJames-0531

BrealynJames-0533 BrealynJames-0507BrealynJames-0557At the end of the night, our guests moved outside the tent and lined up for us to run through.  Originally we were going to have sparklers, but the grass was too try and there had been forest fires nearby that summer, so we had to improvise.  It was fun running past everyone as they cheered us off.  When we got to our big ‘ole truck, we found it was decorated by our bridal party.  James helped me up in and I was greeted by one of my biggest fears…balloons!  I have a fear of balloons popping!  I hate the sound because it startles me!  So one by one I slowly tossed them in the back where they couldn’t get me, while James tried to clear our windshield so that we could drive.  But his efforts were to no avail.  Someone ended up tossing a bucket of water onto the truck and we drove off into the mountain silhouette.  Later, after looking through pictures, we saw that some guys jumped onto the back of the truck!  It’s a good thing we didn’t go too fast, because we never saw them. BrealynJames-0559 BrealynJames-0561BrealynJames-0408BrealynJames-0412BrealynJames-0413BrealynJames-0566BrealynJames-0540

   Next up – Wedding Week: Details and Decor


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