Wedding Week: The Details and Decor

July 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

BrealynJames-0014 BrealynJames-0015

James and I both love coffee, and it is at a coffee place that James first told me he liked me.  So of course we had to use a coffee theme throughout our wedding.  We were becoming “A Perfect Blend”.  I hand drew our invitations with a coffee label; we cut up huge burlap coffee bags and wrapped them around mason jars; the Mayor of Jackson and his wife, owners of Snake River Roasting Co., had a coffee bar for our guests; and our gifts were bags of fresh coffee beans, complete with a custom label made by Snake River Roasting Co. Everyone loved the coffee and we are still being asked where the coffee was from and who made it! Snake River Roasting Co. was definitely a hit!


Our color scheme was yellow and gray, which I think turned out beautifully.  The girls wore yellow, and the guys wore gray with suspenders.BrealynJames-0054

James carried his great-grandfather’s pocket watch, and I had a “B” around my flowers.BrealynJames-0101BrealynJames-0143 BrealynJames-0145

We had handmade signs pointing the way, which brought rustic charm to our wedding.BrealynJames-0306 BrealynJames-0314

For our guestbook I drew this house for people to leave their fingerprint behind as a balloon, and sign their name.  It started out well, but as you can see some of the balloons deflated and fell below the house!


We had a “field of cakes” instead of one giant cake, done by Jackson Cake Company.  They were beautiful and tasted delicious, especially the gluten-free one!  Each one was a different flavor and had a different icing design.  One of the cakes had the silhouette of The Tetons.  Our cake topper was two birds in love.  James has drawn and painted birds for me over the years, so I thought it would be neat to have two love birds.  We have since been dubbed “the love birds” by some of our family.

BrealynJames-0308 BrealynJames-0309BrealynJames-0310BrealynJames-0311BrealynJames-0312

Aren’t the flowers beautiful?  The flowers were going to be delivered the day before the wedding to my in-law’s house.  We got a confirmation email that the flowers were delivered, so we called the house to see how they looked.  They said there were no flowers.  Wait, say that again?  The flowers had been delivered to our house in Pennsylvania instead of Jackson!  Long story short, my Aunt Corinne, my mom, and I went out to all the local grocery stores and bought flowers that worked with our color scheme. People felt so bad for us that we got discounts at every store, and in the end we spent less money and had flowers that were even more beautiful than the ones I ordered.  My Aunt came to the rescue and created all the beautiful arrangements and bouquets!  I am so thankful for all her help during out wedding.  She was my wedding Czar and she truly made this day happen perfectly.


On the tables we had two pictures, one of James and one of me, in various stages of our lives.  This one is of me with the love of my life at the time, my pacifier.  The pictures were propped up by twisted forks that my dad made for the wedding.  I think we may have found his creative calling in life!  Each one was unique, and no two were the same.      BrealynJames-0405

When talking about music we debated between a band and a DJ.  In the end we wanted to have a live band, because there is something about a band interacting with the audience that you miss out on with a DJ.BrealynJames-0503

And who couldn’t love this setting?  I must say it was a perfect wedding.  Maybe I’m a little biased.


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