Wedding Week: The Start of Something Wonderful

July 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

We loved our photographer, Taylor Glenn , and love looking back at these photos. It was a fun night, and we are glad we have pictures to remember the little moments. We also have a video that we can watch over and over again, and see all the moments that made the night wonderful (including my mom’s song she did with the groomsmen during her toast. It was hilarious!).


We used these “Thank You” boards as our thank you that we sent out after the wedding. The thank yous turned out wonderfully!

BrealynJames-0435 BrealynJames-0441 BrealynJames-0444 BrealynJames-0452 BrealynJames-0456 BrealynJames-0467 BrealynJames-0478 BrealynJames-0504

All our sunset pictures are probably our favorite!BrealynJames-0528

I had seen a similar picture on Pinterest and wanted to do our own rendition of the above picture!  It turned out perfectly!  I am holding a picture of my parents from their wedding, and James is holding a picture of his parents at theirs!  I also had Taylor take a picture of my mom’s hand, my mother-in-law’s hand, and my hand together, capturing our three rings- symbolizing two families coming together as one.  I had him do the same with James and our fathers, and I love both of the pictures!BrealynJames-0530 BrealynJames-0545


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