Making the Small Choices

August 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

My days are full of doing things.  Shorter days are starting to kick in, so I will soon be getting up with the sun.  I am out and about from our apartment from 7am to 5:30pm, and when I get home I help finish making dinner, we clean up, sit down to have some tea, and before I know it is time for me to go to bed!  But there is one time I truly cherish in the morning that gives me energy and starts my day out right.


I used to listen to a random radio station when I traveled to work, bobbing my head to the music, singing along to the current songs.  But when we moved to Colorado I decided to do something different.  I changed the station to WAY-FM, Denver’s Christian radio station.  And it truly has made a difference in what I think about and how I look at life.

Now I find myself singing songs to God anywhere and everywhere, glorifying Him, instead of singing those degrading songs with lyrics that would cause hair to curl.  I start my day focused on God, praying to Him asking for direction, guidance, a positive attitude that impacts my co-workers, and praise Him in all His power, glory, and majesty.

I look forward to listening to the radio now.  I get excited to be encouraged to truly live my life in a way that shows the love of Christ.  It is one part of my day that I would hate to miss out on.  It’s my time with God that doesn’t get interrupted.  It’s a time where I can be recharged so that I can love others.  This one little choice to turn the dial to a new station has affected my life.  It shows how powerful one small decision can truly make a difference.  You know what?  I want to make many more small choices.


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