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Happy week after Thanksgiving and beginning of December!  It has been long, far too long since I have been on here and I apologize!  I have been wanting to post for a while, but my work truly takes it out of me!  I look at and work on computers for 8 straights hours, so when I come home I just need to r e l a x. But I am going to try to get better at posting!  Honest!  Because I enjoy writing, creating, and talking with you all.

Thanksgiving was just lovely this year!  We went up to Jackson to see James’ side of the family and it couldn’t have been any better!  We surprised my sister-in-law who just got back from South Africa, and that just made the trip!  The day before Thanksgiving, my family came up, minus one…we missed you Chaucee…and we had a BLAST!  I feel so blessed by God that our two families get along so well.  I will cherish every memory that we all make together.  We had a few solid days together of eating delicious gluten-free food (I mean the stuffing blew my mind!), playing games with all 14 of us, and snowmobiling…to name a few.  I am so thankful for those who come in and out of my life, bringing blessings along the way.  And I am thankful for you all loving and supporting me both near and far!  I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and I sure can’t wait to celebrate Christmas and Christ’s birth!  It’s my favorite holiday of the year!

IMG_7418{We left just as a huge Western snow storm hit Jackson…It seems to always snow when we leave…}


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