December 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

 IMG_6901{In the fall when all the colors were changing around us}

Making: homemade peppermint marshmallows in the future…
Cooking: gluten-free buttermilk pancakes and sausage.
Drinking: lukewarm coffee.  Blah, lukewarm is the worst!
Reading: through the book of James with Beth Moore’s study.
Wanting: it to be Christmas vacation already!  I can’t wait to see my family in two weeks.
Looking: for the perfect gifts for all the people I hold dear in my heart.
Playing: “Santa Baby” – my favorite Christmas song.
Wasting: tubes of chap stick on my cracked chapped lips.  Ouch.
Wishing: (praying) for God to provide direction in our lives.
Enjoying: our first huge snowstorm!
Waiting: to go out Christmas shopping this afternoon!  The goal is to start and finish today.
Liking: my fuzzy warm robe.
Wondering: on where God will lead James and I throughout our lives, and how He will use us for his glory.
Loving: how the Christmas season changes people for the better, even if it is for a moment.
Hoping: I grow to be a more loving and serving wife.
Marvelling: at how the snow sparkles in the sun!
Needing: a cover for my phone.  I’m amazed it survived this long!
Smelling: freshly eaten cuties.
Wearing: my incredibly soft white robe and no socks (my feet are cold).
Following: a list and budget.
Noticing: how compliments go a long way.
Knowing: that I need to be more merciful to others.
Thinking: about what little gifts I can give to my co-workers for Christmas.  Any ideas??
Feeling: blessed to be where I am right now.
Bookmarking: nothing.
Opening: my eyes to see others how they are seen by God.
Giggling: about how passionate James is about soccer.  I love it!  I think he missed his calling to be a soccer player…
Feeling: thankful.

IMG_7082_2{Isn’t he a keeper?}

The idea to do this came from Sydney’s blog.



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