beautifully imperfect

December 14, 2013 § 1 Comment


We just so happened to find our Christmas tree on December 1st.  We didn’t plan to go Christmas tree shopping, but when we saw this cute little place on the side of the road, we flipped a u-turn and marched on over there.

IMG_7423 IMG_7429

We were on our last leg coming home from Wyoming, 1 1/2 more hours to drive, and this little tree place caught our eye.  I mean this little old man was selling trees out of his camper!  Who wouldn’t want to see that?  We walked around and I fell in love with this tree.  I call it our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, because unlike all the normal cookie cutter trees you find back East, he is beautifully imperfect.  But aren’t we all?  We are beautifully imperfect, but it’s our flaws that help us realize how much we need God.  Despite all our mistakes, all our failings, all our “I wish I had done that”, it is comforting to know that God loves you, imperfections and all.  There are so many stories of God using imperfect people to do his will, using their scars in His big picture.  It’s those stories that make me look to God in wonder and say, God, you are an amazing God that sees all of me and yet you don’t run away.  Instead, you run toward me, pick me up in your arms and heal my wounds.  Let my scars be a reminder of your love and faithfulness, and use them for your glory.  

Turn to him and let his love fill you up.

IMG_7444 IMG_7445 IMG_7477


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  • Rachel says:

    Wonderful way of thinking about how our Lord uses our imperfections for His glory and He loves us warts and all. By the way, I love your tree. Merry Christmas!

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