taking stock

January 9, 2014 § 2 Comments

I enjoyed “taking stock” last month, so I thought I would do it once a month.  And can I have a shout out for Friday tomorrow?  I cannot wait to come home tomorrow and declare that it is the weekend!  I have plans to make my first gluten-free Stromboli, so hopefully it turns out well!  And maybe a side of no-bake cookies.  Mmmmmm I can almost taste them now.


Making: the beginnings of my new journal.

Cooking: gluten-free cake in a mug.

Drinking: water…my least favorite drink, but I need to stay hydrated!

Reading: The Fellowship of the Ring.  And so far it is way better than The Hobbit.

Wanting: to be intentional on spending time with God.

Looking: forward to the weekend!

Playing: WAY-FM.

Wasting: sticky notes at work.  I have so many colors and use them all the time.

Wishing: that all my family member’s hearts grow closer to God.

Enjoying: the snowy weather.  Oh how I LOVE snow.

Waiting: for the end of the day.  I’m on my lunch break, and I am the ONLY one in the offices for the third time this week.

Liking: my new faux fur blanket!

Wondering: who sent us an anonymous King Soopers gift card in the mail.  We feel blessed!

Loving: my new roses James surprised me with yesterday.

Hoping: to one day have a Brittany puppy.  They are adorable!

Marvelling: the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I see every day to and from work.

Needing: a phone case…still.

Smelling: chocolate cake.

Wearing: the same black pants that I wore now 3x this week…they are just so comfy!

Following: everyone’s crazy posts about the weather back East.  Stay warm!

Noticing: that my eyes are getting worse – I think due to looking at computers for over 9 hours a day!

Knowing: that God is always in control and I need not worry.

Thinking: about where we should take our next steps in life.

Feeling: a little bogged down.

Bookmarking: breeders of Brittany puppies.

Opening: or rather peeling, a clementine and it smells so good.

Giggling: at how goofy and weird James and I can be together…most people have heard our voices.

Feeling: blessed.



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