praying for James every day

March 1, 2014 § 2 Comments

I read a blog post about praying for your husband daily for a year, and realized that I need to be communicating with God more then I do about James.  If I am perfectly honest with you, it can be hard to read my Bible and pray daily.  I make all kinds of excuses such as: I don’t have time because I am gone from our apartment over 10 hours a day.  I am just plain tired when I come home.  I don’t want to wake up earlier then my 6am alarm to read. Sometimes I just don’t remember. Or, I have a huge to-do list that I need to get done first.


But I know that what I give my time to currently shows what my top priority in my life is – ME.  And that is not where I want to be.  I want my time to be pointing to God.  So I wrote out 31 prayers in a tiny moleskin for the 31 days in a month.  Every page holds a different specific prayer that I will pray for James, and already I am loving spending time talking about James to God.  I have been doing it for about a month now, and I believe that my dedicated purpose of praying for James is deepening James’ and my relationship, as well as God’s and my relationship and James’ and God’s relationship.


I’m also going through the book “Whispers of Hope” by Beth Moore, and it is WONDERFUL!  I absolutely love it.  James heard me talking about how I wanted to pray more often and pray for him, so for Valentine’s Day he bought me this book.  It touched my heart that he was listening to me, and that he wanted to help me grow spiritually!  The book is helping me effectively pray, and is showing me how prayer will strengthen my relationship with God.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone!



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