17 week stats

October 22, 2014 § 3 Comments

I have been craving to get my hair done, because my dreadful roots have shown up and have taken over my head.  It has been pointed out to me numerous times how many different colors I have throughout my hair…red, brown, blonde…so once I made it out of the first trimester, I knew it was time.  I am now officially back to brunette and am loving it!


17 Week Stats – Baby L. is a-growing

i’m feeling: so much more like myself.  I no longer have nausea and don’t get motion sickness as easily – I don’t know how many times poor James had to put up with me complaining about his “terrible driving skills”.  I don’t have the pregnancy energy that everyone tells me about, but I am now able to stay up past 3pm, and I enjoy doing workouts when I can.

baby is as big as: an onion!  Baby L. is 5.1 inches long and weighs 5.9 ounces.  Baby’s cartilage is now turning to bone, and is putting on some muscle and fat.

food love: gluten-free pasta, pasta, pasta.  And doughnuts?  I can’t eat wheat so I don’t know where the doughnut craving is coming from.  I haven’t had one in years!  I’ll just ignore it.

food hate: burgers.  Thinking about the greasiness makes me gag.

sleep: varies each night.  Some nights I am sleeping better than others.  I just can’t seem to get comfortable, and I’m not even big yet.  What is going to happen when I have a big ole belly?  And let me tell you about the dreams.  I am having a lot of vivid terrible dreams almost every other night.

currently living in: jeggings, comfy tops, and sweaters.  I currently still fit all my clothes, but I do tend to find myself going more towards comfy than fashionable when looking in my closet, which is the total opposite of what I usually do.  I am a little nervous for winter, as my coats won’t fit and I’ll be biggest during the coldest months.




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