girl or boy? {gender reveal party}

December 1, 2014 § 4 Comments


Over Thanksgiving while back East visiting family, we had a gender reveal baby shower.  All decorations, food, and colors were neutral with the end of the shower leading up to the big reveal – are we having a girl or boy?  We wanted to share in the celebration of finding out the gender of our little one with everyone we love.

My sister’s boyfriend, AJ, created the invitations and some of my other sister’s volleyball team made all the delicious hors d’oeuvres.  To many people’s disbelief, we did not know the gender of our baby going into the party.  Four weeks ago, we had the “big ultrasound” where our doctor found out the gender, but didn’t tell us.  We asked her to instead seal it in an envelope, which I then sent directly to the baker who was going to put pink or blue icing inside the cake.  So coming into the party only our doctor and baker knew!

IMG_6698 IMG_6694 IMG_6696 IMG_6697 IMG_6674

My mom orchestrated everything and had many he/she decorations throughout, making the party a fun guessing game.  There was a hot coco bar with different toppings and homemade marshmallows, gluten-free munchies, and different punches to sip on.

IMG_6691 IMG_6689 IMG_6688 IMG_6663 IMG_6685 IMG_6684 IMG_6710 IMG_6677 IMG_6665During the gift giving part, those who would rather watch football or play pool went down in the basement.  Everyone else went into the living room where we played baby bingo while I opened my gifts.  Everyone received a blank baby bingo card that they had to fill out with gifts they thought I would receive.  Every time I opened a gift, if you had that gift written on your card, you crossed it off.  It was fun as people were excited to see what was opened!  Guests also wrote wishes for our baby on cards that I can pass along to our baby or put in a baby book.  There are so many cute wishes that people wrote!

IMG_6722 IMG_6706

After the gift giving came the cutting of the cake!  But before we cut, I took an Old Wives Tales test to see what it would predict.  I answered 5 questions pointing to a boy, and 4 for a girl.  Pretty close!

IMG_6705 FullSizeRender IMG_6693 IMG_6683

Then came the big moment.  We sliced into the cake and…

IMG_6714 IMG_6716

It was blue icing!  We are having a baby boy and couldn’t be happier! Thank you to everyone who made this day special! And thank you to my sister Chaucee for capturing this day with all these lovely pictures!  You can see more of her work on her blog.



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